Anthropography: Thinking of man in a material key


  • Carlos Fernando Alvarado Duque Universidad de Manizales

Palabras clave:

Man, technique, language, writing, industry, art, matter


Among the diverse ways of thinking about the human, matter is almost
always viewed with contempt. It is forgotten that man is matter and is made
in the struggle with the material. We wish to offer a kind of anthropology by
taking a tour of various works that affirmatively ponder materiality. At first,
we recover the philosophy of technology that reveals that any nature is the
product of a material reconversion. In a second moment, we review the vitalization
of exteriority (which reflect on the material world) and an expansion
of language that recognizes that it operates as a stroke, as a registered subject.
Finally, we give space to the recognition of the industry as a producer of
the world that leads to an expansion of art and includes both the factory and
the craft.







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