Communicative practices in the school boosted by the school radio


  • Yessica Lorena Bonilla Carvajal
  • Laura Valentina Méndez Santamaría
  • Brayan Andrés Rubiano Suárez
  • Yulieth Aldana Orozco
  • Luis Carlos Rodríguez Páez


This article presents the preliminary results of the research Citizenships, participation and communication practices in the school. A project funded by the sixth convocation of the UNIMINUTO 2016-2017 system. Here we try to present some reflections on the communicative practices that are stimulated by school radio in two District  Educational Institutions in Bogota-Colombia. Through a qualitative method and an ethnographic methodology, the participation of students was promoted between the levels of sixth to tenth grade of the baccalaureate. In the first instance, the findings allow us to conclude that school radio becomes a cultural mediator that enables the prevalence of communicative practices of resistance or reconfiguration of power relations.



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Bonilla Carvajal, Y. L., Méndez Santamaría, L. V., Rubiano Suárez, B. A., Aldana Orozco, Y., & Rodríguez Páez, L. C. (2019). Communicative practices in the school boosted by the school radio. Escribanía, 16(2), 163-172. Recuperado a partir de