Councilors and selected community leaders Perceptions found in their communicative relationships

  • Giovanni Bohórquez - Pereira
  • Miguel Orlando Alguero Montaño


The democratic participation of citizens and forms of local government have changed since the 1991 Constitution, which is reflected in citizen oversight and network governance. With a qualitative approach, this work seeks, from the perspective of governance and traditional politics, to analyze the communicative relations of the councilors of Bucaramanga with the communes, based on the perceptions of the councilors of the period 201- 2019 and the community leaders. From the results obtained from the Communication Policyof Mazzoleni (2010) and CitizenshipUrdaneta (2012), the predominance of relationships identified cooperation according to councilors and absence of relationship according to community leaders. It is concluded that these relationships are conditioned by direct communication, the use of means to inform and the implementation of citizen participation mechanisms.