Creativity and culture of innovation. Productive restructuring and organization of the work process in Brazil

  • William Dias Braga Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro


The process of productive restructuring and the search for new forms of
production and organization of work have strongly affected the labor market.
The global capitals are demanding the dismantling of social protective labor
legislation, forcing national governments to adjust to the phase of flexible accumulation.
In Brazil, the restructuring of the economy is intended to be established
in order to cope with the high unemployment rates, for which it seeks
to follow the steps of Europe, creating a flexible labor system with greater contracting
facilities. The new condition of work increasingly loses social rights and
guarantees. The central argument is that, in this way, the modernizing ideology
has been the perpetual legitimator of proposals for the increase of the social
metabolism of capital, with high levels of competition and the growing need
for the constitution of a public sphere; sphere that promotes organizational,
managerial and technical innovations, before the necessary structural changes,
to promote the entrepreneurial culture in society as a whole. In short, it
is expected to make the transition from an industrial society based on production
to an information and knowledge society based on a service economy. In
summary, this essay, on the one hand, seeks to generate a critical reflection
on the policies of entrepreneurship and innovation as economic strategies to
escape poverty and, on the other, generate a matrix of analysis to understand
the dynamics of social change in Brazil projected to Latin America.