The scientist as a journalistic source and as a communicator of science. Review of the role of journalism and scientific dissemination

  • Carlos Andrés Urrego Zuluga Universidad de Manizales


While in the so-called developed countries, scientists have among their
tasks to disseminate and bring knowledge to as many spheres of society as possible, in Latin America and occasionally in Colombia, this role is fulfilled only by
some interested investigators, while the majority of They find themselves from
the tools of the dissemination of science, and in most cases, they take this work
as an addendum without justification. This essay will analyze the situation of
journalism and scientific dissemination, the cover of journalistic sources when
they are researchers and the possibility that these, at some point, become
communicators of their own developments. It shows the case of the University
of Manizales, not only from its research collection but also from the potential
of a dissemination culture that permeates training needs for the scientific dissemination of scientific knowledge.