Maternal risk factors in full-term newborns with early onset sepsis related with Interleukin-6 in umbilical blood

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Fabricio González Andrade


Background: to determine the relationship and association of early sepsis with interleukin-6 measured in umbilical blood, as well as gestational age and birth weight, prenatal history of the mother pathologies during pregnancy, in full-term newborns at the Neonatology Service of Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital (Quito). Subjects and methods: epidemiological, observational, analytical, cross-sectional. 200 newborns were analyzed. IL-6 was determined by Elisa. Results: newborn mean gestational age 38.4±2 weeks, mean weight 2871±532.4 grams,  cutoff point interleukin 6 ≤14pg/uL; mean of IL6. 58±99,1 pg/uL; male sex was 43.9%, female sex 56.1%; preeclampsia of the mother 22.4%, prenatal infection of the urinary tract 20.4%; vaginitis/vaginosis 19.4%; IL6 values ≤ 14 pg/uL in 63.3% of patients; IL6 values of >14 pg/uL 36.7%; relationship with sepsis in all, p<0.05; relationship of prenatal pre-maternity of the mother and neonatal sepsis. p<0.05; relationship between vaginitis/vaginosis of the mother with neonatal sepsis; p<0.05; OR: 38.88 IC95% (4.912-307.728); association between sepsis and risk factors, IL6, gestational age in weeks, weight, prenatal preeclampsia, prenatal urinary tract infection, vaginitis/vaginosis, p<0.05. Conclusion: It is concluded that there is a relationship of risk factors, such as, gestational age in weeks, weight, prenatal preeclampsia, prenatal UTI, vaginitis/vaginosis and values of interleukin 6 ≤ 14 pg/uL. The mean gestational age was 38.4 weeks, and average weight 2871 grams in the newborns analyzed.


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